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Mentor-Protege Program Helps Small Businesses Grow

An executive of All Points Logistics for more than a decade, Phil Monkress manages more than 200 employees and contractors. Phil Monkress provides strategic support and has led the company through various business development initiatives, such as the Mentor-Protege Program, which have earned the company awards that include Boeing Supplier of the Year and NASA Small Business of the Year.

A resource offered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Mentor-Protege Program helps small businesses grow into thriving companies by partnering them with an established prime contractor. Companies that qualify to participate as proteges include veteran-owned, Historically Underutilized Business Zone, and women-owned small businesses. Independently owned and operated, these small businesses must also meet North American Industry Classification System federal size regulations and not play dominant roles in their industries.

Upon acceptance into the program, a protege company enters a three-year commitment with an assigned mentor to develop skills and processes needed to become a prime contractor or subcontractor. Mentors can offer support by educating proteges about financial management, organization, and technology. Progress reports are submitted throughout the duration of the program to ensure both parties uphold their responsibilities. Completion of the Mentor-Protege Program also qualifies teams to be considered for an annual award and subcontracting plan credits.