NASA’s Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award



Now serving as the CEO of All Points Logistics, Inc., Phil Monkress draws on his extensive experience to help the firm complete its duties as a subcontractor for major organizations, including Lockheed Martin and NASA. In 2011, Phil Monkress’ company received a NASA Small Business of the Year award.

NASA oversees multiple annual awards for small business contractors and subcontractors, including its NASA Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award. To achieve eligibility for the award, a subcontractor must perform to a high standard on all NASA contracts during the awards’ review cycle. NASA takes additional factors, such as the scope of the contract, into account.

Beyond this, subcontractors must display the ability to coordinate and collaborate with NASA and key contract personnel, in addition to offering additional value and support within the time and cost frameworks of their contracts. Finally, innovation comes to the fore, with subcontractors expected to create novel solutions to complex problems to attain award eligibility.


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