For 15 years, Phil Monkress has served as the chief executive officer of All Points Logistics, LLC. Responsible for overseeing all of its operations, he develops project plans, budgets, and strategic planning for a firm that has contracted with the federal government, The Boeing Company, and NASA. In charitable measures, Phil Monkress supports VETS ROCK.

Since 2009, VETS ROCK has supported veterans throughout the United States. Founded by U.S. Coast Guard veteran Scott “Muddy” Ceretti, it recognizes the financial, emotional, and professional concerns of former and current military personnel. It operates under the philosophy that all veterans should be able to meet their needs and assists soldiers by raising awareness of their situations and conducting various fund-raising initiatives.

Veterans receive numerous forms of aid from VETS ROCK. For example, those looking for jobs can visit its resume-writing volunteers, who will help them to express their military experience in terms that appeal to civilian employers. And the Homeless and Hungry program keeps veterans in their homes and provides them with food and clothing. To learn more, or to support the organization, visit


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